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The Best Robot Vacuums of 2020



Imagine sitting on your couch and relaxing while your least favorite chore is getting done, an appliance that is going from room to room and cleaning the whole house quietly, all on its own.

We are talking about robot vacuums. In the last decade, vacuum cleaners have come a long way, from an unwieldy plastic hose connected to a clumsy wheeled canister to a small round shaped appliance that can go anywhere in your house and clean every corner, without your active involvement.

Apart from the daily cleaning, robot vacuums are very helpful in homes with pets, where clumps of hair can accumulate seemingly overnight.

In this article, we’ll list the best robot vacuums that we have tried based on price vs. performance. We’ll be looking at robot vacuums on every budget range, so regardless of whether you want value for money or looking for the best of the best, we got you covered.

iRobot Roomba 980: Overall Best

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Everybody knows what iRobot is; however, determining the best model this company has made so far is a tough task. However, when we saw all this little guy has to offer, our decision to make the winner of the best robot vacuum contest was pretty clear.

The Roomba 980 is very easy to set up and operate, thanks to the iRobot Home app. The app allows you to clean, schedule, and even customize your cleaning preferences from your smartphone. Another great thing is the fact that you can control the Roomba 980 with your voice through Alexa or Google Assistant.

The Roomba 980 might be wider than your average vacuum head, but thanks to its circular design and rotating body, it’s able to maneuver through narrower areas without any issue.

The iRobot Home app offers a clean map report that allows you to see where this Roomba had to clean; no more uncleaned spots now. You can also get notifications of cleaning status updates on the app.

Thanks to its IADAPT 2.0 navigation with visual localization, the Roomba 980 is a real champ when it comes to cleaning. The Aeroforce cleaning system boosts the suctioning power up to 10 times more than similar robot vacuum cleaners.

The Roomba 980 can run up to 2 hours on a single charge. When the battery is about to empty, this Roomba goes to the charging dock, recharge, and gets back to cleaning from where it left off.

Eufy RoboVac 11S: Best Value for Money

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If you’re looking for the best value for the money, then the Eufy RoboVac 11S is definitely what you need. For just above $200, this robot vacuum is significantly cheaper than most of the others we’ve tested. 

Although priced lower, the Eufy RoboVac 11S is as efficient as any other vacuum when it comes to cleaning. The 11S is only 12.8 inches in diameter and 2.8 inches in height, which makes it one of the slimmest robot vacuums available in the market. It does look premium with a black finish and anti-scratch tempered glass top.

The Eufy RoboVac 11 doesn’t have a companion app but comes with a physical remote.

To ensure that the surface is cleaned spotless, this robot vacuum has a three-point cleaning system with side brushes, a rolling brush, and powerful suction. The RoboVac 11S can clean under tables and chairs along with every nook imaginable with several cleaning modes that can be controlled with the remote. 

In single Room mode, 11S cleans a specific area for 30 minutes; in Edge mode, it reduces the speed to approach a wall and then cleans along it for 20 minutes, and in Spot cleaning mode, it cleans an area of concentrated dirt in a spiral for two minutes. With the Manual mode, you can direct the RoboVac to a specific area using the directional buttons on the remote.

This RoboVac can clean up to 100 minutes on a single charge. When the battery is low, it automatically goes to the charging station and recharge, so you’ll never find it dead in the middle of the floor. 

Designed for cleaning thin carpets, hardwood floors, and pet hair, this little robot vacuum won’t disappoint you. It works wonderfully quietly, navigates over floors without much hassle, doesn’t miss spots, and can clean for quite a while before needing emptying.

Roborock S4: Best Battery Life

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The S4 is the mid-range robot vacuum in the Roborock product lineup. It is supposed to be a cheaper alternative to the S5 and S6. One of the reasons its cheaper is it doesn’t have the moping attachment that the S5 and S6 have, but it still has the features which are more advanced than the expensive ones.

The Roborock S4 has many of the little upgrades that are available on the S5 and S6, for example, the S4 has the new style side-brush and new brush roll with more bristles which is supposed to be even better for pet hair tangles. It also has something called the drivetrain, which is supposed to make it even better at getting out of places in which it’s likely to get stuck. 

This Roborock’s battery life is way ahead of its competitors that lasts two and a half hours (150 minutes) on a single charge.  

The S4, S5, and S6 all have the same sized 2,000 Pascal suction motor, which can even drag trapped dirt from deep inside low-pile carpets. But the S4 has a significantly big dustbin than the S5 or S6.

Related to navigation, the S4 has a high-precision laser navigation system that scans your room at 300RPM, creating a real-time map of your home. Its virtual no-go zones feature lets you draw lines or boxes on the map to keep the robot from going places you don’t want it to go. 

The Roborock has one of the best apps in terms of experience and features, thanks to its parent company Xiaomi. The Roborock app has features like map saving, selective cleaning, no-go zones, and power setting, which can be controlled from anywhere.

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